Ronaya Khaliq

Brand Strategist, CEO, Founder, ATC, Int'l
Ronaya Khaliq

Multifaceted by nature, I offer the best of myself by combining my strengths and passions in brand architecture, strategy, storytelling, communications and creating amazing content through design and collaborations. As a visionary, with a keen sense of potential in all things people, processes and presentation, I pride myself in the ability to create and develop authentic "Passion Brands" that connect to humans.

More technically, I offer over 15 years in providing analysis, solutions, and general marketing expertise to help companies successfully sell their brads, products and services.

My expertise and background in branding and business strategy has afforded me the opportunity to work for companies in both the profit and non-profit sectors. Most notably, my experience as an entrepreneur for nearly 10 years, has afforded me the most versatile portfolio of client types across many industries, including accountancy, legal, hair and beauty, fashion, entertainment, health and wellness, and more! I started my first company JaylaCom Solutions in 2003 where I helped women who were looking to either become a business owner or enter the workforce, through resume writing, business plan writing, and design services. As a rebrand, ATC Int'l was born 5 years ago, and has evolved to offer more strategy focused solutions for both start-up and existing brands, specializing in assessing and improving internal operations, communications and workflow and of course designing beautiful passion brands!

In 2015 I took on my first international client, White Storm Capital based in Equatorial Guinea, on the west coast of Africa, where I was hired as Principal Consultant and charged with rebranding the visual identity of the company, however ultimately, ended up rebuilding the company from the ground floor, which included creating new internal workflow, restructuring workforce and departments, creating interdepartmental and external communications and processes, training and promotions, among many other responsibilities. This project contributed to the success of my company as it stands today.

Aside from my professional accomplishments, I founded in 2009 my girls organization Get-up and Go Girls, which I operated for 5 years as Executive Director and Facilitator for 20 young girls from the Houston area. I provided mentorship, leadership development, community and opportunity for young ladies ages 7-17. This was my service to my community.

I am also a mother of 3 beautiful young girls, ages 18, 13, an 12, all of whom are young entrepreneurs and the inspiration to my Get-up and Go! The potential and life I see in each of them is my WHY, and is what reminds me of the potential and life I see in me.

I am most valuable and passionate when I am able to contribute to human experiences, culture and potential of people, processes and presentation through creativity, collaboration and communication.

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Breakout Session: Brand You: Thru and Thru
Brand You: Thru and Thru empowers young girls, to identify and connect with their WHY so to lead an authentic, thru and thru representation of who they are at their core.
This WHY ultimately shapes their individual, unique brand (that which they should feel proud to represent and share with the world) and serves as their compass for the life they will inevitably lead.

The presentation inspires young girls to nurture, nourish, love and tend to the "life" within before contributing to others'. And they must do so unapologetically. Brand You: Thru and Thru addresses the notion that before our girls are doctors, mothers, lawyers, wives, engineers, entrepreneurs, they are individuals...human first.

The presentation offers the following as takeaways:
- the importance of identifying and knowing your WHY.
- the importance of knowing how to communicate your WHY.
- the importance of becoming your WHY.
At Girls World Expo Bryan-College Station, TX on Sunday, April 7, 2019

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