Dina Schweisthal

Founder/Owner, KNACK DIY Craft Studio
Dina Schweisthal

Dina Schweisthal is the founder and creator of KNACK DIY Craft Studio in Raleigh. She was born in Chicago, IL and grew up in the suburbs until relocating to North Carolina in 2012. She graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising.

Being accepted into college was a huge accomplishment for Dina. In junior high school she had to transfer schools due to bullying. She moved into a small private school which encouraged her to attend a private, Catholic, all girl high school. In high school she would excel socially. Due to hands on teaching approach, she discovered she had a minor learning disability. While she worked very hard, she struggled to maintain B and C grades. She did always excel in art and graduated in the National Art Honor Society. She was rejected from every college but one - Indiana State University, which she attended her freshman year. She never let anything bring her down and had a plan B, C, D.....

After graduating she took her first "real" job was typing reports at a mold removal company, then researching flood zones for a title company. She knew right away this was not the job she had dreamed of.

Dina decide to start a side hustle in her mom's kitchen making bath and body products. Which is much harder than it sounds, the internet was barely a thing and Pinterest did not exist. She worked the craft show scene and began to have a following. She decided to leave the corporate world and at 24 started her own company! It was called Luxurious Suds. She created everything from the logo, products, space design. She landed a very large private labeling for a spray tanning company. She decided that is was time to add to the line and take another leap of faith. She opened a new division called Delish: Gourmet Bath Bath Bakery, focusing on bath bomb cupcakes.

Dina and her mom decided to take the cupcakes to a huge show in Downtown Chicago's Merchandise Mart. She was on a shoe string budget competing with other companies that would spend $1000's on their booth, she spent maybe $200! Not only was Delish the most creative booth, it was the busiest. Delish landed 150 new stores at the show and Bath and Body Works Online Division. The first order with Bath and Body Works was for over 35,000 cupcakes. In 4+ years Delish sold 175,000 cupcakes!!!

After closing Delish, Dina built a 10 year recruiting career starting with an IT Recruiting Boutique Agency. She was promoted to open a branch in North Carolina.

In her last role she was the Head of Recruiting for a publicly traded software company. During this time she managed a team of 10. In her 10 year recruiting career she has hired over 500+ people!

KNACK opened in June 2018 as a workshop and class based studio. Within a few weeks, Dina realized that was not working. She made up for mind to revolutionize the DIY industry by creating Raleigh's pop-in make and take studio. When you come to KNACK you can pick from 35+ projects ranging from 10 minutes to 2.5 hours. In the few months KNACK has been open their customers have completed 1,000's of projects, 100 birthdays and used about 2 tons of glitter.

Within 8 months of opening the doors at KNACK, Dina has started the franchising process!!!! She currently has a team of 8 DIY Experts that help deliver her mission very day.

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