Chris McDonald

Therapist, Path to Hope Counseling, Inc.
Chris McDonald

Chris McDonald is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and Holistic Therapist from Raleigh, NC. She owns private practiced called Path to Hope Counseling, Inc. and has one employee, Nicole Wallace, LPCA. Part of her day involves providing clinical supervision to pre-licensed Therapists. She worked several years in community mental health and outpatient programs helping clients from aged 10-60. Previously she worked as a Student Assistance Program Counselor at Green Hope High School in Cary, NC. She was also an Elementary School Counselor for 10 years at Wildwood Forest Elementary in Raleigh, NC. While there she ran many groups including Girl Power which helped girls develop their inner power and helped to build their self-esteem.
Chris started her career in upstate NY where she assisted kids/teens with behavioral/mental health concerns and also assisted high schoolers at an Alternative High School. She has 24 years experience and specializes in treatment of stress, anxiety, depression and trauma in teens & young adults. She is a holistic provider and teaches clients mindfulness, meditation and yoga. She is currently enrolled in a 200 hour Subtle Yoga Teacher Training which focuses on gentle yoga techniques to help reduce stress, anxiety, depression and helps build nervous system resilience. Chris also helps other Therapists and offers Therapy for Therapists, self-care coaching, workshops and groups.
Chris lives in Raleigh with husband of 21 years and their two orangie cats. She believes in seizing each and every day and practicing regular gratitude. She is a dedicated yogi and meditator and starts off each morning with both. She is passionate about yoga and has seen the positive influence it can have to help others overcome issues with and anxiety, depression and trauma.

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Breakout Session: Finding Peace Through Yoga
Growing up can be filled with a variety of stressors. From dealing with pressures from school, wanting to fit in, facing bullying, conflicts with friends, family problems, and life changes such as moving or divorce can be a lot to manage. Sometimes life may feel overwhelming as you try to find your way and learn more about you who you are. So how do you cope with it all? A fantastic way to do this is through yoga.
Yoga can help your mind and body to relax, build your self-esteem, and help you release your stress. This seminar will teach you some coping skills to better manage your feelings and bring you in a more peaceful mind. You will leave feeling lighter and in a much better place than when you came here this morning!
At Girls World Expo Raleigh, NC on Sunday, May 19, 2019

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