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Sunday, April 22, 2018
12p.m. to 4p.m.


AnnMarie Gabaldon

Girls World Expo is a day-long event created by local teen girls for local teen girls – our local Girls Advisory Board is made up of teens from Tucson who have created a unique show just for you! We have also worked closely with our local media partner, to fill the day with seminars, performances, demonstrations and vendors that serve your needs in the Tucson area!

Girls World Expo can change your life – come together with your friends, or make new ones at the Expo, to enjoy a magical day where you will hear from and meet successful and powerful women right from your own community who can show you a path to success! You will attend workshops, listen to speakers, see demonstrations, science exhibits, and speak one-on-one with women who are leaders in business, government, industry, the arts, and many other realms of endeavor. It's a rare opportunity for you to see what your future could be, and learn what it will take to get there.

But it's not all work! Girls World Expo is also fun. There's fashion, an art show, music and dance performances by talented local artists, and the always-popular GWE Marketplace, where you can see and purchase everything from hair accessories to self-help materials, and clothing to jewelry.

It's not just another day. It's a very special day. It's an opportunity to spend a day in a safe, secure environment inspired by the company of other girls and not just seeing but creating the future. Your future.

Congratulations 2018 Tucson Girls of Merit!

Sponsored By: Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona
  • Auburn Schmidt
    Auburn Schmidt
  • Chloe Vouvakis
    Chloe Vouvakis
  • Danielle & Heather Barton
    Danielle & Heather Barton
  • Estrella Perez
    Estrella Perez
  • Jackie Gadziala
    Jackie Gadziala
  • Kailey Reichardt
    Kailey Reichardt
  • Natasha Phillips
    Natasha Phillips
  • Sara Te
    Sara Te
  • Simone Ufondu
    Simone Ufondu
  • Sophia Stine
    Sophia Stine

Meet our Advisory Board

  • Esmeralda Valdez Esmeralda Valdez
  • Kennedy Satta-Williams Kennedy Satta-Williams
    Art Show Coordinator
  • Sophia Smith-Gatto Sophia Smith-Gatto
    Speaker/Seminar Coordinator
  • Serena Gabriela Martinez Serena Gabriela Martinez
    Public Relations/Advertising Manager

What we're working on for this year's Expo:

  • Girls of Merit Award Ceremony
  • College & Career Info
  • Live Music & Dance Performances
  • Gallery of Local Art
  • Shop our Marketplace
  • Healthy Living
  • Hot Topic Seminars & Workshops
  • "Bright Ideas" STEM Showcase
  • Exhibit your goods and services


Girl of Merit Award Ceremony12:45 - 1:30 Room 1
  • Debbie Rich Sisco
    Debbie Rich Sisco

A special thank you to girls who have proven themselves exceptional members of the community through their actions, activities, leadership, and positive influence on others.

Debbie Rich Sisco CEO, Girl Scout Council of Southern Arizona

Questions You Can't Ask Your Mom12:45 - 1:30 Room 2
  • Daniela Zasa
    Daniela Zasa

Submit questions anonymously and get answers instantly...like Google, but without a search history. And with advice from actual experts! This is your chance to ask those personal and crazy – gotta know! questions. No moms allowed. (For ages 13+)

Daniela Zasa Director of Programs, Youth On Their Own

Stop the Guessing - Parent with Confidence12:45 - 1:30 Room 3
  • Jeannie Long
    Jeannie Long

Find yourself struggling to complete daily activities with your teen? Wouldn’t it be great if they just did what they were supposed to do without all the struggle? Learn how to stop playing the guessing game and parent with confidence. This presentation will introduce you to an empirically-based approach for improving daily routines and interactions with your teen.

Jeannie Long Owner, Behavior Bake

Surround Yourself With Greatness!12:45 - 1:30 Room 4
  • Jennifer Philips
    Jennifer Philips

Learn who you are! We all have unique qualities, let's find your best qualities, maximize on them and achieve the very best YOU! Learn who "they" are. Learn how to quickly identify someone's personality type, their unique qualities and even their behavior styles that can tell you who "they" really are. This is one of the most powerful tools you will ever learn. Surrounding yourself with the right people, at the right time, at any time throughout your life, will make the difference in how successful you will be! "Great things don't just happen to great people, great things happen to people who surround themselves with greatness!"

Jennifer Philips CEO/Founder, Good to Glam

What are Boys REALLY Thinking?2:00 - 2:45 Room 1
  • John Elliot
    John Elliot

With the help of a panel of local teenage boys, we will attempt to unravel the inner-mysteries of the male brain or at least try! (Results not guaranteed.)

John Elliot Quality First Redesign Specialist, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona

Dream it! Build it! Drive it!2:00 - 2:45 Room 2
  • Bogi Lateiner
    Bogi Lateiner

Learn how to find your passion and authenticity in life!

Presented by Host of Velocity’s TV show ‘All Girl’s Garage' - Bogi Lateiner
Fearless Females Panel2:00 - 2:45 Room 3
  • JoAnna Mendoza
    JoAnna Mendoza
  • Violet Maestas
    Violet Maestas
  • Carrie Clark
    Carrie Clark

Meet some of the area’s fiercest females.

Presented by:
  • JoAnna Mendoza Retired US Marine Drill Instructor & Military and Veteran Advisor, Pima Community College
  • Violet Maestas Patrol Sergeant, Eloy Police Department
  • Carrie Clark Firefighter/Paramedic, Tucson Fire Department
Love the Skin You're In: You Are Powerful Beyond Measure!2:00 - 2:45 Room 4
  • Wen Chi Chien
    Wen Chi Chien

Learn to speak your truth by tuning in to your higher self; feel loved and supported from within; create loving relationships by expressing your feelings and setting boundaries with others. Remember, you are not here to compete, you are here to connect; you are not here to suffer, you are here to celebrate! Celebrate the fact that you are Powerful Beyond Measure! It’s time to let yourself shine like a Superstar!

Presented by Wen Chi Chien


Musical Performances:

  • Tucson Girls Chorus

Dance Performances:

  • Ballet Folklorico Los Tucsonenses
  • Heart & Soul Dance


  • Revolution Elite Cheer
  • Girls Mean Business - BeBe Bartoons Lip Balm
  • Kenzia Marie - Spoken Word

Workshops & Demos


Bogi Lateiner - Auto
Girls of Merit sponsored by:
Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona
Additional sponsors:
Youth On Their Own Tucson Medical Center SUPERCUTS PSE Archery
In partnership with:
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