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The Pavillion
1602 Sioux Drive
Marion, IL 62959
Sunday, May 5, 2019
12PM - 4PM

Girls World Expo is a day-long event created by local teen girls for local teen girls – our local Girls Advisory Board is made up of teens from Southern Illinois who have created a unique show just for you! We have also worked closely with our local media partner, to fill the day with seminars, performances, demonstrations and vendors that serve your needs in the Southern Illinois area!

Girls World Expo can change your life – come together with your friends, or make new ones at the Expo, to enjoy a magical day where you will hear from and meet successful and powerful women right from your own community who can show you a path to success! You will attend workshops, listen to speakers, see demonstrations, science exhibits, and speak one-on-one with women who are leaders in business, government, industry, the arts, and many other realms of endeavor. It's a rare opportunity for you to see what your future could be, and learn what it will take to get there.

But it's not all work! Girls World Expo is also fun. There's fashion, an art show, music and dance performances by talented local artists, and the always-popular GWE Marketplace, where you can see and purchase everything from hair accessories to self-help materials, and clothing to jewelry.

It's not just another day. It's a very special day. It's an opportunity to spend a day in a safe, secure environment inspired by the company of other girls and not just seeing but creating the future. Your future.


Cynthia Busch

See photos from this expo!

Congratulations 2019 Southern Illinois Girls of Merit!

  • Dezaray Nix
    Dezaray Nix
  • Freya Mohr
    Freya Mohr
  • Gracie Schneider
    Gracie Schneider
  • Julie Todaro
    Julie Todaro
  • Marissa Basi
    Marissa Basi
  • Mollie Michelle Cline
    Mollie Michelle Cline
  • Shelby  Zinsmaster
    Shelby Zinsmaster
  • Tiana Myers
    Tiana Myers
  • Unique Edwards
    Unique Edwards

Meet our Advisory Board

  • Taylor Archey
    Taylor Archey
  • Paige Riedy
    Paige Riedy
    Art Show Coordinator
  • Jocey Fricke
    Jocey Fricke
    Bright Ideas/Science Coordinator
  • Ximena  Barrenechea
    Ximena Barrenechea
    Social Media/Public Relations Manager
  • Katera Barners
    Katera Barners
    Entertainment & Demo Stage Manager
  • Olivia Ellis
    Olivia Ellis
    Entertainment & Demo Stage Manager
  • Autumn Presley
    Autumn Presley
    Entertainment & Demo Stage Manager
  • Victoria Shore
    Victoria Shore
  • Lydia Fred
    Lydia Fred
    Social Media/Public Relations Manager
  • Laney Fricke
    Laney Fricke
    Art Show Coordinator
  • Danielle Snyder
    Danielle Snyder
    Bright Ideas/Science Coordinator
  • Meadow Lerner
    Meadow Lerner
    Entertainment & Demo Stage Manager
  • Mackenzie Riedy
    Mackenzie Riedy
    Art Show Coordinator
  • Natasha Nelson
    Natasha Nelson
    Speaker/Seminar Coordinator

What to Expect

Welcome & Musical Performances: 12PM-12:45PM
Kick off the day with a warm welcome from our Girls Advisory Board (all local girls) and enjoy our first entertainment act of the day!

Breakout Sessions

Girls In Gaming12:45 - 1:30 A
  • Nora Darling
    Nora Darling

When you were a kid you might have wanted to grow up to be a doctor or a police officer, but a lot of today's youth growing up in this generation dream of being a professional gamer or a Youtube star. My name is Nora, better known as easilyigNORAble to my gamer friends and fans. Let me teach your daughters how to SAFELY pursue their passion for entering the professional gaming and streaming world! I have many passions but social media marketing and video gaming are definitely in the top 5! It is important to teach people how to turn their hobbies into careers. I'm a firm believer in the notion that if you do what you love you never work a day in your life and am proof of that as a social media marketer by day and a video game streamer by night. It is exciting to see girls fighting for their place in the gaming world. I hope to inspire many gamer girls to unapologetically take up this innovative and creative space.

Nora Darling Digital Media Manager, River Radio

Questions You Can't Ask Your Mom12:45 - 1:30 B

Submit questions anonymously and get answers instantly...like Google, but without a search history. And with advice from actual experts! This is your chance to ask those personal and crazy – gotta know! questions. No moms allowed. (For ages 13+)

Presented by:
Alexis Sparks Tricia Stottler Rebecca Wise Katina Beane
Alexis Sparks Tricia Stottler Rebecca Wise Katina Beane
Fearless Females Panel12:45 - 1:30 C

Meet some of the area’s fiercest female visionaries and hear how they're helping change the game for girls.

Presented by:
Allison Hasler Amanda Byassee Gott Lindsey Fisher Hudson Tara Bell-Janowick Katina Beane
Allison Hasler Amanda Byassee Gott Lindsey Fisher Hudson Tara Bell-Janowick Katina Beane
Encouragementology - the Practice of Instilling Hope2:15 - 3:00 A
  • Kendall Boysen
    Kendall Boysen

Many of us are feeling frustrated, angry, and even hopeless drowning in a sea of negativity. It’s almost impossible to turn on the news or browse social media without getting pulled in a dark direction. What can we do? Through the practical application of CONNECT - UNDERSTAND - ENCOURAGE, we are going to rewrite history one person at a time.

Kendall Boysen Owner, Kendall Boysen LLC

What are Boys REALLY Thinking?2:15 - 3:00 B
  • Stephen Shannon
    Stephen Shannon

With the help of a panel of local teenage boys, we will attempt to unravel the inner-mysteries of the male brain or at least try! (For ages 13+. Results not guaranteed.)

Stephen Shannon Unit Director, Rebound Alternative HS

Girl Scout Empowerment Project Documentary - Silver Project2:15 - 3:00 C
  • Victoria Shore
    Victoria Shore

Presented by Victoria Shore

Entertainment Break
Featuring performances from local entertainers and showcasing talent by local girls.

Musical Performances:

  • Courtney Dickinson - Exclusive Vocal Performance followed by a meet & greet!
    Courtney Dickinson
  • Divine Worship and Praise - Musical Group
    Divine Worship and Praise

Dance Performances:

  • Tedi of Nile Breeze Dance Collective - Belly Dancing
    Tedi of Nile Breeze Dance Collective


  • Girls of Merit - Award
    Girls of Merit
  • Music In Motion
    Music In Motion
  • Saluki Gymnastics - Gymnastics - demonstration of various gymnastics & tumbling skills.
    Saluki Gymnastics

Workshops & Demos


Female Empowerment Through Football These inspiring girls from Decatur, IL have come to share how flag football can empower belief that "You Can Do It, Too" .

Arsenal Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Self-Defense Demo

Ongoing Activities & Entertainment: 12:00 - 4:00PM

  • Girls of Merit Award Ceremony
  • Live Music & Dance Performances
  • Hot Topic Seminars & Workshops
  • Girls World of Art Show - Come see how local girls express themselves through art. Art is a celebration of self-expression, creativity ad self esteem all on display at GWE.
  • "Bright Ideas" STEM Showcase - The future is female, and we are here for it. #GirlNerds unite for this one-of-a-kind workshop on what it really means to be a lady in STEM.
  • girls spin prize wheel at booth Exhibitor Marketplace - A thriving shopping area where local vendors sell and demonstrate their goods. A unique shopping and experiential opportunity in a fun, upbeat inspiring atmosphere. Exhibit your goods and services.
  • Healthy Living
  • College & Career Coaching - Meet local mentors and entrepreneurs who will help guide you towards a bright and prosperous future.
  • Fashion Showcase - Find your inner fierceness with fashion tips and trends.
  • Cyber Lounge - Whether we know it or not, a lot of personal info is available online. So what happens if it falls into the wrong hands? Learn the facts about cyber safety and how to know when it's time to log off.
  • Pamper Me Lounge sponsored by Karina Neill Photography - Indulge in various hair, skin, nails and/or makeup products & services.
    • Karina Neill Photography
  • Fitness Demos
  • Henna Art
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Self Defense
  • Girls Mean Business sponsored by Stack'd Supplements, Meal Services, and Cross Fit Gym - Enter our Girls Mean Business contest for the chance to win seed money to start your business. Submit your business idea (written paragraph or 3 minute video) to girlsmeanbusiness@girlsworldexpo.com. Deadline is Wednesday, May 1. We can't wait to see your submissions.
    • Stack'd Supplements, Meal Services, and Cross Fit Gym

Close 4:00PM

We will thank everyone for participating in such a special day and celebrate with a closing act!

In partnership with:

  • River Radio 101.5 CIL-FM New Country Z100 Magic 95.1 WJPF 103.5 FM ESPN

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