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The Brazos Center
3232 Briarcrest Drive
Bryan, TX 77802
Sunday, April 7, 2019
1PM - 5PM

Girls World Expo is a day-long event created by local teen girls for local teen girls – our local Girls Advisory Board is made up of teens from Bryan-College Station who have created a unique show just for you! We have also worked closely with our local media partner, to fill the day with seminars, performances, demonstrations and vendors that serve your needs in the Bryan-College Station area!

Girls World Expo can change your life – come together with your friends, or make new ones at the Expo, to enjoy a magical day where you will hear from and meet successful and powerful women right from your own community who can show you a path to success! You will attend workshops, listen to speakers, see demonstrations, science exhibits, and speak one-on-one with women who are leaders in business, government, industry, the arts, and many other realms of endeavor. It's a rare opportunity for you to see what your future could be, and learn what it will take to get there.

But it's not all work! Girls World Expo is also fun. There's fashion, an art show, music and dance performances by talented local artists, and the always-popular GWE Marketplace, where you can see and purchase everything from hair accessories to self-help materials, and clothing to jewelry.

It's not just another day. It's a very special day. It's an opportunity to spend a day in a safe, secure environment inspired by the company of other girls and not just seeing but creating the future. Your future.

Exhibit your goods and services!


Carol Callahan

Meet our Advisory Board

  • Courtney Batiste
    Courtney Batiste
  • Zione Scates
    Zione Scates
  • McKenna Holloway
    McKenna Holloway
  • Zoe King
    Zoe King

What to Expect

Welcome & Musical Performances: 1PM-1:45PM
Kick off the day with a warm welcome from our Girls Advisory Board (all local girls) and enjoy our first entertainment act of the day!

Breakout Sessions

Brand You: Thru and Thru1:45 - 2:30 Room 2
  • Ronaya Khaliq
    Ronaya Khaliq

Seminar Description: Brand You: Thru and Thru empowers young girls, to identify and connect with their WHY so to lead an authentic, thru and thru representation of who they are at their core. This WHY ultimately shapes their individual, unique brand (that which they should feel proud to represent and share with the world) and serves as their compass for the life they will inevitably lead. The presentation inspires young girls to nurture, nourish, love and tend to the "life" within before contributing to others'. And they must do so unapologetically. Brand You: Thru and Thru addresses the notion that before our girls are doctors, mothers, lawyers, wives, engineers, entrepreneurs, they are individuals...human first. The presentation offers the following as takeaways: - the importance of identifying and knowing your WHY.- the importance of knowing how to communicate your WHY. - the importance of becoming your WHY. Qualifications or Credentials: I ran a girls organization called Get-up and Go Girls! where I was founder, Executive Director and Facilitator for about 5 years. My objective was to inspire and equip young girls to be self reliant, self motivated and self loved. Get-up and Go Girls! (GGG) as an organization empowered young girls to discover their full potential, self worth and direction in life. We inspired our girls to want more out of life, do more in life, go after more in life, give more in life and work together. Our mission was to be the platform for a universal “can do attitude” shared among young girls from all walks of life. We were very active in the community, the girls ran their own business initiatives and were encouraged to facilitate the endeavors that got them closer to achieving their dreams - personally and collectively. The largest part of my contribution was working one-on-one with these girls and speaking to them at large about resilience and determination and going after their dreams, even after inevitable failure. Though the club/organization is inactive currently, I work closely with many of these young ladies today. You can check out my Facebook page to learn more: Past Speaking Events: I've spoken at several women's empowerment events with local organizations. I've also hosted Workshops for business owners as well as youth groups. Social Media Links: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram (personal): Instagram (Company):

Ronaya Khaliq Brand Strategist, CEO, Founder, ATC, Int'l

Who You Are: The Power of Vision1:45 - 2:30 Room 2
  • Yolanda V. Wright
    Yolanda V. Wright

Yolanda V. Wright Business Owner, Student, Veteran Women Empowerment Coach, Gamechanger Logistics & Consulting LLC

Becoming a Trendsetter3:00 - 3:45 Room 1
  • Aisha Thomas
    Aisha Thomas

Some of top issues facing young girls are self esteem, depression and bullying. The purpose of this seminar is to teach young girls to embrace their differences. At times, what individuals consider "weird" or different comes from the mindset that if it doesn't look like something you are familiar with, it should not be that way. By teaching that being different is the new cool, that being a leader should be the goal vice being a follower and one size doesn't fit all, you will see a decrease in these major stressors facing young girls.

Presented by Military and Youth Speaker - Aisha Thomas
Building Confidence Out of Mistakes or Failures3:00 - 3:45 Room 2
  • Sunni Markowitz
    Sunni Markowitz

Why is it important to take risks and to make mistakes? How do we then learn from these mistakes and ensure that we’re not beating ourselves up when they happen, while growing and becoming more confident along the way? This session will empower girls (and/or their mothers) to learn effective strategies to turn failures or mistakes into opportunities for growth, all the while practicing self-kindness and self-love. Attendees can expect to leave feeling inspired and with new perspectives. Qualifications or Credentials: Sunni has a Master’s in Education, a B.S. in Child Psychology and current serves as a director at an all-girls camp, where she has touched the lives of hundreds of young girls and blossoming women, including creating programming and mentorship opportunities for her staff and her campers’ mothers. In fact, in addition to empowerment programming that is woven into each camp session, Sunni leads interactive programs with camp mothers at her twice-yearly Mother/Daughter weekends. In addition, she frequently shares parenting tips and resources with camp moms through YouTube videos and Facebook Live videos, where she answers questions and engages with fans and followers in real time. Parents in her community frequently rely on her for parenting, education and confidence-building strategies. She is incredibly comfortable in front of large groups of both mothers and teen girls and successfully engages her audiences when she is speaking to and interacting with them. Past Speaking Events: The Mommie Series in Houston, Texas (January 2019) Sample/ Link: Social Media Links:

Sunni Markowitz Founder and Owner, Camp Lantern Creek

Entertainment Break
Featuring performances from local entertainers and showcasing talent by local girls.

female keyboardist sings

Dance Performances:

  • Carpe Diem Dance Company
    Carpe Diem Dance Company
  • Lil' Wranglers
    Lil' Wranglers
  • Dance Performance Duet: Boisnet Hall and Angel
    Dance Performance Duet: Boisnet Hall and Angel
  • Pure Energy Competition Team Dances
    Pure Energy Competition Team Dances
  • Ballroom Dance Performances Please enjoy as these students perform a Viennese Waltz, a gold level International style Waltz, East Coast Swing, and Cha Cha.
    Ballroom Dance Performances

Workshops & Demos

Girls AUTO Know Workshop - Car crisis? Never fear, YOU are here! After this fun and inspiring session, you'll be the only one in the car who knows what to do when that little light on the dashboard comes on.

Self Defense Demonstrations - Fight like a girl! Empower yourself with lessons in self-defense.

Cyber Lounge - Whether we know it or not, a lot of personal info is available online. So what happens if it falls into the wrong hands? Learn the facts about cyber safety and how to know when it's time to log off.

Jill of All Trades Workshop - Mechanic. Carpenter. Electrician. Welder. Ever wonder about non-traditional jobs for girls? This workshop is all about broadening your horizons... and your career options.

Ongoing Activities & Entertainment: 1:00 - 5:00PM

  • Girls of Merit Award Ceremony sponsored by BCS Toyota
    • BCS Toyota
  • Live Music & Dance Performances
  • girls spin prize wheel at booth Exhibitor Marketplace - A thriving shopping area where local vendors sell and demonstrate their goods. A unique shopping and experiential opportunity in a fun, upbeat inspiring atmosphere. Exhibit your goods and services.
  • Healthy Living
  • Girls World of Art Show - Come see how local girls express themselves through art. Art is a celebration of self-expression, creativity ad self esteem all on display at GWE.
  • College & Career Coaching - Meet local mentors and entrepreneurs who will help guide you towards a bright and prosperous future.
  • Pamper Me Lounge - Indulge in various hair, skin, nails and/or makeup products & services.
  • Fitness Demos
  • Henna Art
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • "Bright Ideas" STEM Showcase - The future is female, and we are here for it. #GirlNerds unite for this one-of-a-kind workshop on what it really means to be a lady in STEM.
  • Hot Topic Seminars & Workshops

Close 5:00PM

We will thank everyone for participating in such a special day and celebrate with a closing act!

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