Girls Advisory Board

One of the unique aspects to the success of our Expos is the leadership exhibited by the Girls Advisory Board.

In each market, we work to create a board of local teen girls who will take ownership of the Expo, by helping to shape the distinctive content as well as through on-site management the day of the event.

The Girls Advisory Board is comprised of a chairperson who leads the group in overseeing the tasks associated with the show, as well as taking an active emcee role the day of by introducing key speakers, sharing information with the attendees and directing the flow throughout the day.

Each additional girl on the Advisory Board takes a leadership role over their key component, such as Art, Science, Social Media/Public Relations, Entertainment, & Speakers. These categories may vary Expo to Expo.

The Girls Advisory Board is under the direction of a local Community Outreach Coordinator assigned to that market, with further assistance from the GWE corporate office, as well as the local media partner and top sponsors.

Being a part of the Girls Advisory Board provides real life experience in leadership, community organizing and event management. These skills are perfect for your resume or college application, and it's also a ton of fun!

Girls Advisory Board Job Descriptions

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