About Girls World Expo

Girls World Expo is a very personal venture that grew out of what we saw in the lives of our daughters; too many negative influences and far too few positive. We saw vulnerable young women at a crucial stage in their lives whose self-images and self-esteem had to struggle against unflattering or unattainable media portrayals of perfection, lack of visible high achieving female role models and hurtful comments and criticism from peers. The negative impact of much of this was amplified by the prevalence of social media as a means of communication.

We wanted more – for our daughters, for us, and for everyone. Each of these girls’ lives has the potential for greatness. Realizing that potential, however, requires that we offer girls something more than what has been available.

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We are always available for questions, news, suggestions and more. Email us at info@girlsworldexpo.com, or directly via email link below:.


Varinda Missett - President & Founder

"I'm a fan of ALL girls and GWE is the place to express your individuality freely. All are welcome and celebrated here. Come inspire us!"

AnnMarie Gabaldon - Expo Director & Co-Founder

"We started this company because we were inspired by our own daughters."

Mary Pounds - Expo Producer & Operations Manager

"GWE offers something money can't buy... Girl power, self-confidence, motivation and knowledge to help you live a positive, happy and healthy life."

Dale Mulder - Expo Producer & Operations Manager

"GWE helps girls build confidence, while learning real world skills. By breaking stereotypes & removing typical gender roles, GWE provides something for everyone."

Mara Paolino - Social Media Director

"Girls World Expo is such an inspiration to not only the girls who attend, but everyone involved. GWE teaches self-love, builds confidence, and spreads positivity!"

Linda Dimitrov - Art Director

"I believe the most crucial thing we help girls build at this highly impressionable time in their lives, is self-confidence. Therein lies the key to unlock their full potential and pursue all their dreams with passion."

Ellie Whelan - National Sales Manager

"Girls World Expo gives girls a chance to lead and learn about opportunities for the future."

Local Ambassadors

For each Expo, we have a local coordinator who is the face and voice of GWE in their city. Click here to become the LA in your city!

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